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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yet another dog in a car...it seems like it's always a hot day when I see this. At least the window was down!

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nissan auto parts said...

When I used to live “up north,” I brought my dog just about everywhere. Everyone in the little shops new him. One day, I had to go to the post office. Because he was with me, I opted for the outside drop. There was a mailbox in the post office’s driveway with a special chute that supposedly prevented you from having to reach awkwardly out the car window. For some reason, I just wasn’t in the right car. It seemed to have been tailored to SUV’s and the slot hit at the top of my window. I backed up, opened my door so i wouldn’t hit the mailbox and did the “lean” (one foot in the car, one on the ground, and sort of leaning over the car door.

A lady ran up to me and yelled at me for “leaving my dog in the car” on a hot day. At first I wanted to slap her in my mind.

1) The a/c was on and the key was in the ignition.
2) The driver’s side door was 1/2 open (don’t worry, my dog was in seatbelt.
3) I was within 2-3 feet of my dog

For some reason, I censored myself that day. I was glad that she cared, as it is a serious issue, but she so didn’t know she was barking up the wrong tree. I was actually ready to thank her for her concern, and that I had the same concerns as she did. That’s why my a/c was on and my car was running.

She replied that it may be so but my car LOOKED like the type of car where the a/c didn’t work. Huh?

My car wasn’t a luxury car, but it wasn’t a total wreck either. At the end of her speech, I was half expecting her to pull a Honda ac compressor out of her purse. She assumed that because I was young and drove an economy car at the time, that it must have a neglected a/c. It wasn’t a Honda, either, but she assumed it was.

It was kind of a strange encounter, but looking back, I wish she lived near me. More people here - the right people who are actually leaving their dogs in their cars - need to be shaken up. If people don’t have time to get to the shop and have a car that they tinker with on their own, DiscountACParts.com has all the things they need to get it back in working order. If they have an internet cell phone, they can even order it right in front of her so she makes sure they get it taken care of.

Please, when driving with your dog at any time of the year, but especially now (and September can be surprisingly hot), don’t leave them alone in the car. They could get heat stroke, dehydrate, or die. Plan your day with excursions where your dog is welcome or leave him/her at home.