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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April Theme Day


Sally said...

Is yellow a universal colour for caution I wonder?
Sydney Daily Photo

Kim said...

Ooooo, its a sign! :-) This is strangely appealing to me, and I've no idea what that area is or what the markers might be for except to keep folks out. Happy theme day,

Jilly said...

This really works. There is such a nice balance to the photograph. Yes, Sally I think yellow probably is a universal colour for caution. I noticed it everywhere as I went out today and wouldn't have done so but for today's theme!

lavenderlady said...

This is a good one! Up by the highschool?

raf said...

Bright yellows and well posted! :) Happy theme day, Jelvistar.

Felicia said...

Nice yellow and red too. It reminds me of those dot candies that are stuck to a strip of paper.