Farewell Port Angeles, it's been swell. Due to a job situation I am moving away from the area, the blog will stay up as an archive.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


New coffee shop alert!  The Cracked Bean Coffee Company opened a second location in the old Starbucks building in Port Angeles.  It sat empty since September 2008,  it's great to see a local business fill the space.  The shop is right off Highway 101 on Del Guzzi Drive. 



Rita in Ohio said...

I can "smell" the coffee brewing just by looking at the photo ! Will definitely have to check this out when in town! It looks so inviting.

Chris G. said...

Oh how nice! I knew something was going in there but I didn't know what. Where is the first location though? I don't believe I recognize this coffee place. I'm just sorry it takes so long to fill are vacant places. Also the Dollar Store up in the plaza is going out of business. Sad, especially since I used to work there and am friends with most everyone there. I wonder what will go in the space once it is gone, and how long it will be empty.