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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Happy Veterans Day
Thank you to all who are serving and to all who have served our country.
for my Veteran * for my Dad * for my Father-in-Law * for my Grandpa


Rita in Ohio said...

Nice tribute for all the Vets today ! May God watch over all in the Armed Services and a wish that someday there will be Peace in the World .forever !

NormieG said...

Really appreciate this photo and your daily photos. PA is my hometown. A 20-year Air Force veteran. My great grandfather, Francis M. Wait served in the Civil War at age 17 and homesteaded in PA building a home at 10th vand Chase--still standing! He was the last surviving PA Civil War veteran when he died iin the early 1940s at age 99.
Norman Gallacci

Unknown said...

Thank you Norman!